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What is LCI?
LCI is an interpreter for the lambda calculus. It supports many advanced features like recursion, user-defined operators and multiple evaluation strategies, all based on the pure calculus. It is FREE SOFTWARE licenced under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).
Latest version is 0.6, released on 14 February 2008. You can install LCI from source (recommended for Linux and OSX) or you can use the pre-compiled i386 binaries for Linux and Windows.

To install LCI from source extract the source archive, cd to that directory and type
   sudo make install
It is recommended to install the readline library (and development files) before compiling LCI. For debian based systems the package is called libreadline5-dev. Check the output of configure to see if you have it.

To use a binary package simply extract it and run the lci executable.

You can also get the latest development version directly from subversion (make sure to read the README):
   svn checkout lci
There is a detailed enough documentation of LCI in pdf format. The documentation covers most of the program's features and it also explains various topics concerning the lambda-calculus
Development - Contribution
If you find bugs in LCI please add a ticket at LCI's
development site. Tickets can be also added to suggest new features or to ask for support. You can also see development information, subversion activity, browse the source code, etc. If you are interested in helping to improve LCI by contributing code or joining the development team (in order to really become a "team" ;-) you are something more than welcome.

Finally I'd like very much to hear from people who are actually using the program, feel free to mail me for any reason.

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